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Donate Your Time

Would you like to be part of an organisation that cares about the environment and the community? Volunteering for Charlton Park is an excellent way to give back to the planet and to your fellow neighbours. Contact us today about our volunteering options and learn how you can contribute. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Meadow volunteer 

Help Make a Difference

Could you help build a meadow?

The meadow project will take a long time, a really long time. In the first year or main aims are to:

- Mark out the meadow and define the project- Upskill Charlton people with the basic ecological knowledge to survey the Meadow site- Inform and educate existing park users about rewilding - Recruit a volunteer army to survey existing wildlife, build ponds and get involved

Right now we are looking for volunteers who will take the lead on specific areas. It is anticipated that we will meet formally every two months and carry out tasks in between each meeting. As a strong team we would work together,share information and develop a project plan.

Schools volunteer

- Build a list of school contacts - Find out what would benefit them and their pupils


- Build a list of local businesses that would like to volunteer and get involved- Find out what would benefit them

Council liaison 

- Keep on top of and be the conduit for all communicationswith the council 

Park users and community groups/teams

- Find out who existing park users are, and how and when they use the park

Signage and Information 

- Lead on the design and production of long-term signage for the Meadow site

Publicity and marketing 

- Lead on promoting the activities relating to the Meadow Project, Including web content  and social media


- Help to organise a bat walk, insect survey and a site visit

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