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Charlton Park Meadow

Renovate, rewild, revolution

 Friends of Charlton Park – together with the royal borough of Greenwich – is looking to transform a forgotten corner in Charlton Park beside Cemetery Lane into a natural meadow and wildlife habitat, as part of an ambitious 10-year project.

Homes for Hedgehogs would turn the disused football pitches into an ecological hub with wild natural grasses, a central pond feature and mown walkways, which park users could use to walk dogs or simply marvel at the increased biodiversity – a 2016 report by Natural England argues that connecting with nature can help to reduce levels of anxiety, stress and depression. Creating such an area of wild planting would help to replace crucial lost habitat and in turn attract create suitable habitats for birds and small mammals, including hedgehogs, helping ecosystems to recover and promoting biodiversity.

Our first step has been to commision an independent ecological survey which you can read here and is in very draft form waiting for your views and comments. You can find out more at our consultation event on the 11th January and meet everyone involved and feedback on the plan.

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