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Update about the artificial cricket pitch

The artificial cricket pitch has now been installed in Charlton Park. We also have some additional info from the council about why this pitch has been installed.

In late March this year, the company responsible for maintaining the existing grass pitches and for managing bookings on these pulled out of their long-standing contract. They also left winter maintenance on the grass areas undone. It would have taken significant investment to restore the pitches to playable levels in time for this summer's cricket season.

Instead of restoring the grass pitches, therefore, the council have received funding from Kent County Cricket to install the artificial pitch you see below. The council will maintain this pitch and manage bookings, with the income going towards the Greenwich parks budget. They are currently benchmarking what player fees should be and will offer discounts for juniors.

The council's Rob Goring said, "We consider that the benefits of installing the artificial wicket in terms of provision of active recreation and reduced maintenance and use of fuel, water and pesticides outweigh the potential small environmental impacts."

The council's head of sport Tim Hetherington will be attending our members' meeting on Thursday 18th May at 7pm to answer any more questions you have.

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May 18, 2023

Will there be no pesticides used in maintenance of the artificial pitch and surrounding green area

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