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Should Charlton Park get an artificial cricket pitch?

Two years ago, the council told us that they planned to install an artificial cricket pitch in Charlton Park. It would be 9 foot wide, the same size as the current grass pitch.

We had a members' meeting in July 2021 with Greenwich's sport development officer and Kent Cricket to discuss the proposals. They made some good points in its favour. You can play on an artificial pitch as often as you like, whereas grass wears out. You get a more even bounce from it. And there would be an accompanying activation plan to encourage women, girls and young people to participate.

But we have some questions. What would be the environmental impact of adding plastic turf onto the field? What does the activation plan consist of? Will the community be able to use this new pitch freely? And do women, girls and young people in Charlton Park want to play more cricket, or would the investment be better spent on a different activity?

After two years of no news on this project, we've just been informed that works will start to install this pitch on 10th May. We're always thrilled about improvements to Charlton Park, but in this case we've asked for the works to be paused until we've got answers to these questions.

What do you think? Do you play cricket or would like to try it? Comment on our Facebook post or email

You can also email our local councillors on and

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