Meeting notes of November 2017 produced by Rob Goring

Notes from the meeting held at Charlton House

on Thursday 23rd November 2017

Aim of the meeting:

Local residents and groups had been invited to attend a meeting at Charlton House at 8pm on Thursday 23rd November 2017 for the purpose of forming a new “Friends of Charlton Park” group.


The meeting was facilitated by Robert Goring and Lisa Lawrence from Parks, Estates & Open Spaces Department from The Royal Borough of Greenwich.

Local residents that attended were: Jodie Coughlan, Gary Shaw, Gulle Stubbs, Helen Jakeways, Matt Drewry, Annie Drewry, Trisha Anderson, Lertkanlaya Clarke, Andrew Donkin, Steven Tull, Paul Chapman, Ashleigh Marsh, Stuart Hopper, Clare Welburn

Geoff Cooper, and Julie Gumble.


Cllr Miranda Williams

Meeting Outcomes:

• An interim management committee was elected for a period of 3 months for the purpose of establishing a constituted permanent Friends of Charlton Park Group.

• Everyone present was offered the opportunity to be on the management committee. People were elected by nomination, seconded and elected by a majority show of hands.

• The following people were elected into interim management committee roles:

Annie Drewry – Chair

Tricia Anderson – Secretary

Stuart Hopper – Treasurer

• Helen Jakeways, Ashleigh Marsh, and Andrew Donkin were also elected onto the management committee.

• Agreement by all present that contact details given at the meeting could be passed to the Secretary, but with acknowledgment of data protection and the proviso that contact details are not passed on to others without permission.

• The Royal Borough’s draft model constitution for park friends groups would be passed to the interim management committee for consideration of adoption.

• Clarification that voting members could not have a “for profit” business interest in the park. These members could only be associate members.

• It was agreed by consensus that the groups would meet the second Wednesday of each month. The next meeting was agreed as Wednesday 13th December 2017. 8pm at Charlton House.

• It was suggested that Matt Drewry help facilitate the next meeting.

• Parks, Estates & Open Spaces agreed to book the next two meetings at Charlton House.

• It was noted that (after the group is constituted) the group would like to be consulted on planning applications, event applications and strategic plans for the park

• It was noted that once the group is constituted and has a bank account that the group can apply to the Council for a start-up grant of £150.

Actions from Meeting:

Charlton Park Interim Management Committee Actions

• Share the model constitution with members for comment

RBG Actions:

• Email the secretary contact details of those that attended

• Email the model constitution to the secretary

• Book a room at Charlton House for 8pm on the 13th December 2017

Review contact details of other park users for e.g. sports clubs and with their permission pass their contact details to the secretary

• Seek permission from other people that had registered an interest with the Council to pass their details to the secretary

• Email the secretary a link to Parks & Open Spaces Strategy on RBG website

• Review emergency access to the skate park

Model constitution

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